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新宿の英会話カフェMeetup/ Wednesday International Meetup


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新宿の英会話カフェMeetup/ Wednesday International Meetup

2020年10月14日 @ 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM


We are holding a relaxed evening every two weeks on Wednesdays at Mash Bros. Enjoy great company and play video games and darts at this cozy and welcoming place.
Mash Bros also offers a variety of traditional British foods like Mash and pies and sausage rolls as well as regular specials like chilli cheese fries. You can choose a variety of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks such as Beer, lemon sour and soft drinks etc. You have the possibility to connect with locals and people from different countries.

website: https://joyntokyo.com/en/

[Event details]
🎟¥500 *+ first drink ¥400
🗓October 14, 2020 (Wed)
⏰18:00-21:00 (you can join at any time)
📍Tokyo, Shinjuku City, Hyakunincho, 1 Chome−24−8 2F A1 Shinjuku Town Plaza「Mash Bros」
google maps: https://g.page/mashbrostokyo?share

[The following is prohibited]
– Activities of any kind of recruitment such as MLM or religious purposes are banned.
– Excessive approach of individuals in any way that makes the other person feel unpleasant such as pick-ups are forbidden.

We ask for your cooperation so that everyone can enjoy the event. Please inform us immediately if you see any of the above mentioned actions happening.

[Measures related to Corona]
– Please make sure to disinfect your hands at the entrance.
– As preventive measures you have to wear a mask and wash your hands regularly throughout the event.
– If you have a cough or a fever, you have to refrain from participating in this event. Make sure to check by yourself before joining.

Thank you very much for your corporation.

People from all over the world will gather at this event, let’s have fun and enjoy it together!

Joining is at your own risk and JoynTokyo doesn’t take any responsibility for any negative impact at all.

2週間に1回水曜日の夕方にインターナショナルカフェMash Brosでイベントを開催します。
さらにMash Brosはイギリスの伝統料理であるマッシュポテト、パイ、ソーセージロールやスペシャルメニューのChilli Cheese Friesも提供できます。ドリンクもアルコール、ノンアルコール両方豊富です。このお店に来ている常連さんとも仲良くなれるかも知れませんよ。多国籍な友達ができるチャンスです。

website: https://joyntokyo.com

🎟500円 ※ +ファーストドリンク代400円
🗓2020年10月14日 (水)
⏰18:00-21:00 (途中参加可能)
📍場所 東京都新宿区百人町1-24-8
新宿タウンプラザ 2F
google maps: https://g.page/mashbrostokyo?share

– 未成年の方の飲酒は禁止します。
– マルチ商法、宗教、勧誘行為を目的とする行為は禁止します。
– 相手が不快と思うような言動や、過度なナンパを禁止します。


– 受付時に消毒を必ずしてください。
– イベント参加条件にマスクの着用を義務とします。また、手洗いなどご自身における予防対策をお願いします。
– 熱や咳がある場合は、イベントに参加することはできません。イベント参加前に必ずご自身でご確認ください。





6:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Mash Bros
東京都新宿区百人町1丁目24−8 2F A1 Shinjuku Town Plaza Mash Bros
東京, jp


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