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Joyn Tokyo’s first travel event! !! A two-day Joyn Tokyo big event will be held on 9/19 (Sun) and 9/20 (Mon) at Lake Nojiri, Nagano Prefecture! A delicious BBQ with the best members in an open space! Kayaking and SUP at Lake Nojiri with full of nature! And at night, the BAR in the inn is reserved for an international party! If the weather is nice, you can see the starry sky at night. There are lots of activities and events! It will surely be the best memory of this summer!

Would you like to make the best memories at the end of summer?

Lake Nojiri, Nagano Prefecture, located at an altitude of about 600m. Why don’t you make the best memories of this summer at Lake Nojiri, which is famous as a summer resort with international exchanging ? You can spend more time with foreign participants, so there is no doubt that communication will be born naturally.

Lake Nojiri is famous for its marine sports on the shores of the lake. JoynTrip has prepared activities as much as we could for participants for two days.

international activity


At night, we all enjoy BBQ under the starry sky! There is no doubt that BBQ in a spacious space will be the best experience while being healed by the beautiful air and beautiful nature! Let’s enjoy it in the great outdoors with delicious meat and drinks while having fun together.

international activity​

Interbational Party at BAR

Having drinks with your friends through various activities is going to be surely amazing !

You can intimate your relationship even more.

water activity


“Stand Up Paddleboard”, known as a SUP is a popular sport all around the world! 

Lake Nojiri is a best place to try marine sports for beginner since that has fewer waves than the sea .

water activity


A kayak that goes on the surface of the lake while cutting the wind on a boat. Would you like to be surrounded by a feeling of openness that you cannot experience in Tokyo?

Basic Information

For this event, we will stay at Nojiri Lake Resort, a resort hotel located on the shores of Lake Nojiri. You can experience the richness of nature through various activities in Lake Nojiri spreading in front of you.

Event Schedule - Day1 -

Gather at Mejiro Station

  • 7:00

All the participants gathered at Mejiro Station. Take the bus and head for Lake Nojiri.


Arrive at Lake Nojiri

  • 11:30

Arrived at Lake Nojiri. We will go directly to the restaurants near the hotel for lunch.

Free time

  • 13:00

You will have free time until the BBQ for dinner.


Hotel check-in

  • 15:00

Pick up your luggage from the bus and check in at the hotel.


  • 17:00

The best part of the first day, BBQ. As soon as you finish eating, you will move to the BAR inside the hotel.


International Party

  • 21:00

Enjoy a drink while talking about each other's countries with your friends throughout the day.

Event Schedule - Day2 -


  • 8:00

Wake up around 8 o'clock. Breakfast will be served at the hotel at the designated time for each room.



  • 9:00~

As soon as breakfast is over, the members of each room will move on to a one-hour activity. Let's enjoy a walk along the shores of Lake Nojiri together.

(Activity order and start time are different for each room)


This is also a one-hour activity experience. Let's enjoy cruising while integrating with nature.

(Activity order and start time are different for each room)



  • 11:20~

Lunch will be served at a nearby restaurant as soon as the activity is over.

Free time

  • 14:30

Last free time. Enjoy the scenery and strolls around the hotel that you can't usually experience in Tokyo.


Back to hotel

  • 17:00

We all gather at the hotel and pack up our luggage on our way home.

Depart from Lake Nojiri

  • 17:30

Once the sun goes down, pack up your luggage and leave Lake Nojiri.


Arrive at Mejiro Station

  • 21:30

Arrived at Mejiro Station and will be disbanded.

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① Reservation form

Enter the required information from the reservation form and make a temporary reservation

31 December 2018
31 December 2018

② Confirmation email


③ Reservation completed

Reservation completed after confirming payment for all participants

31 December 2018

Joyn Tokyo’s first trip event will be held! Let’s make the best memories with friends who spend only a few hours at the usual event but two days this time!


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