Let’s play together! “Among us” is a very popular and easy game for everyone to play. You can download it for free on your phone. The concept of the Game is similar to Werewolves and 人狼. 

[Game content]

You are working on a spaceship with everyone else and trying to finish tasks. But there are 1-2 imposters in your team sabotaging, killing and betraying you. The team has to try and find the imposters and vote them off the spaceship to win the game. 
This video below help you to know about Among Us.

[Event Details]

DateFebruary 10, 2020 (Wed)
(you can join at any time)

[How to participate?]

  1. Download the game in your App Store: Among us 
  2. Open the game, click on “online” and after that, enter the code in the “private” section. We will tell you the code through Google meet.
  3. For communication we will use Google Meet so you just have to click the link below, at the time of the event.

People from all over the world will gather at this event, let’s have fun and enjoy it together!

We recommend you to check your internet environment before joining so that you can play the game smoothly.