Girl’s Party Shibuya, is an event just for ladies! It is a great way to get in contact with other girl’s, local and foreign.

Let’s make new friends from all around the world!
Don’t worry about any language barriers, we will try our best to make you feel comfortable.
Everyone can bring something to drink and a snack to share.

We will provide the cups, plates, etc..
Let’s all have a good time together!

[Event details]

Entrance fee¥1,000
DateDecember 6th, 2020 (Sun)
(you can join at any time)
LocationTokyo, Shibuya City, Dōgenzaka,
2-chōme−20−26 エクシール道玄坂 608
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[How to participate?]

Please fill out the form below after making sure to check the “Measures related to Corona” on this page or About taking measures against covid-19. ※ You can not participate in this event without wearing a mask.

People from all over the world will gather at this event, let’s have fun and enjoy it together!

Joining is at your own risk and JoynTokyo doesn’t take any responsibility for any negative impact at all.