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About JoynTokyo Events

JoynTokyo holds international exchange events mainly in Tokyo such as Shinjuku and Shibuya.

We hold multiple regular events so that we can provide events that suit the purposes of all participants, and each time we invite people of various nationalities from a wide range of ages to participate.

Many of the Japanese participants join to practice their  English, so even those who are a little worried about whether they can speak Japanese can enjoy cross-cultural exchange. 

There are also foreign staff at JoynTokyo, so you can ask anything in English if you have any questions about our events.

Let’s see what kind of international exchange event is being held at JoynTokyo!

International Party

The International Party is the biggest event in JoynTokyo and is mainly held on weekend nights. As for the age group, many people from 20s onwards, from university students / professional students to working adults, participate. We also serve alcohol, so I think we can all talk about our hobbies and how we came to Japan while enjoying alcohol.

Thursday Meetup

Thursday Meetup will be an event on Wednesday night. The event venue will be “Mash Bros”, a bar serving British home-cooked food. This event is also attended by a large number of working people, from university students / professional students, who are in their 20s or older. At the venue, “Mash Bros”, you can order meals, so you can enjoy British food prepared by a very charming British shopkeeper while having international exchanges.

International Exchange Party

International Party is primarily student events during the daytime on weekends. As for the age group, many people from teens to 20s, high school students to university students / professional students participate. In addition to the daytime, this event only offers soft drinks, so teens and those who are new to international exchange events can participate with confidence. Also, since I sometimes play games, I think it’s easier for people who don’t know what to talk about to find the topic of the story.

It is also recommended to people who wants to practice their Japanese.


Is it okay to participate alone?

Many people participate to JoynTokyo events alone. It’s not uncommon to get along with people you meet at an event after attending several times and start attending the event together.

When is the next event?

Please check out JoynTokyo’s various SNS for the latest information on the event.

I want to participate in the event!

As soon as the date and time of the event is published, an event page will be created on the homepage. Please check the detailed information on the event page and send us the attached reservation form.

I'm a high school student, can I participate?

There is no age limit for any event. However, if you are a high school student, I think that International Exchange Party is the most enjoyable content.

I am interested in the organizing staff!

Please send the application form from the staff recruitment page.

Any questions?

JoynTokyo We accept questions via direct messages from various SNS. Please feel free to contact us.

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