Making different friend groups meet.

When I moved to Japan I couldn’t wait to do all the picnics during Hanami, but sadly that was not possible, due to the state of emergency. That’s why I was more than pumped up to hold one as soon as possible, because the rainy season usually starts mid June.

Two weeks after the state of emergency was lifted I organised a picnic with friends, so beforehand I created an invitation in Japanese and English and sent them out. It made me so happy that the response was so positive. Most of the people I invited could actually make it.

As a place to hold the picnic I chose the riverside in Kita-Senju, because it is so beautiful and I love Adachi-ku. 

We were lucky and found a place in the shade. To the surprise of my friends I invited basically three different friend groups, which I didn’t really communicate to everyone beforehand. So we started off with a funny and interesting introduction round and soon the ice was broken and people started to connect. I was so happy, since I love being surrounded by people I like and seeing them get along feels great.

The whole afternoon we spent playing football and badminton, taking pictures, laughing and chatting. Even if there was a language barrier, through sports people usually connect easily.

After the picnic we decided to have a few more drinks and dinner. We all didn’t realise how fast the time has passed as it was already past 8 pm. There are still short opening hours in most places, so we had to quickly decide on one place, which also had enough space for all of us. Eventually we found one and had delicious food and drinks.

It was such a great day! I hope we will have many more of these in the future.