Due to the current rise of people infected with COVID-19, the government announced new guidelines in terms of security and safety. To prioritize preventing the spread of the coronavirus, we as JoynTokyo are implementing the following measures.

Wearing a mask and disinfect hands, as well as a temperature check will be done at the entrance.

Please make sure to prepare a mask before entering the venue, as you can not participate in the event without wearing one.
Also please make sure to wear a mask during the event.

Your body temperature will be checked at the entrance. Participants who have a body temperature higher than 37.5 degrees can’t enter nor participate. If you have cold like symptoms we can not let you enter either. Please be sure to check for yourself before attending the event.

To prevent the venue from getting overcrowded we ask of you to sign up for the event beforehand.
You may not be able to enter the venue if it is getting too crowded.

If a person removes their mask or is not wearing it properly our staff will point it out and kindly ask for your cooperation. In addition, the staff may ask participants to move to a different location so that the participants are not too close to each other.