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About JoynTokyo

We are a multinational group in Tokyo, that builds up an international community. In addition to regular international parties, we also hold seasonal events and festivals. Our goal is to create a place where people all over the world can meet and have a great time together in Tokyo.


The people who are joining our events all have different ideas of what they want, from “I want to be able to speak English/ Japanese”, to “I want to make friends who also came from abroad and are living in Tokyo”, or “I want to experience an international party”.


Many international people and locals who are interested in different cultures participate in our events. We believe it’s a great chance for you to increase the opportunities to speak English or Japanese and make friends with Japanese who want to learn English and other people living abroad.


“Joyn” in JoynTokyo is a combination of “join” and “joy”, because we want everyone to have a good time while joining our events. We hope that everyone who participates will have a smile on their face.

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The online salon “JoynLounge” has started on October 1, 2020! We are creating an international community where you can enjoy an environment that makes you feel as if you are overseas, even though you are in Japan.

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