State of emergency has finally been lifted!

The state of emergency was lifted on May 25th. Even though we all know that we have to be sensible and still take precautions it feels like a great achievement getting back at least a piece of normality.

So the other day me and my roommates were sitting around the kitchen table and I mentioned that I really want to buy a football and other things. That’s how we spontaneously decided to go to Asakusa, because there is a big DonQijote. It felt so good to not having to think twice about going outside and we were filled with motivation and quickly got ready.

Already the way to the train station was a delight as we could see some children play in the park and their parents observing them. A sight we haven’t seen for a while.Of course people are still careful and keep distance between each other and wear masks, but the spirit and atmosphere has changed since the state of emergency was lifted, positively.

Anyway, when we arrived in Asakusa we decided to go for a stroll towards Sensoji-temple. We thought if there would be too many people we could just leave again, but it was the opposite. The usually massively crowded place in front of Sensoji was nearly empty. 

You could see people queuing to pray  but only a handful. It was unbelievable but so beautiful. As the locals get to enjoy these places in peace and quiet. All the little booths leading towards the gate were still closed but it was still so nice walking around as the lanterns turned on.

Me and the girls decided to take a few pictures as we thought we probably won’t have the chance in this kind of setting for too long.

It was fun and we really enjoyed the walk through Asakusa. Also the sound of laughter coming from the Izakaya’s filled my heart with joy. The sound of people just enjoying their time and being happy.

Of course we can argue about if it is already the right time to visit Izakaya’s or Bar’s yet. But we must not forget that those businesses have suffered a lot and behind those businesses are also just people like you and me, who need to earn money to afford life. In general people have just missed meeting up and going for an after work drink for example. 

I personally don’t think it is my place to judge because I believe that everyone tries their best within their own possibilities to help the situation to improve and having dealt with isolation it is very much deserved.

So I won’t raise my finger and point at others instead I will try my best to be a good role model for others. 

As we finished our walk we decided to go and eat Ramen. It was really nice to see how happy my roommates were just eating out again. Even though we can only communicate in Japanese with one of our roommates we had a lot of fun and were still able to bond. Since I’m half italian I’m used to talking with my hands which helped with the communication, since my Japanese is still very much in progress! 

We eventually went to DonQijote and I got the things I needed. It was still a bit strange since I’ve never seen such an empty Donki, but also nice in terms of keeping your social distance.

On our way back we passed by Gachapon’s and oh boy was I ready for them! I honestly have a weak spot for Gachapon…

So I got a little Omiyage (souvenir) of our first day out together.

In those few hours we were outside we didn’t do anything special but it felt so good and we had lots of fun.

Stay strong wherever you are, it will eventually get better and you will feel great.