We had our first event!

On Saturday June 20, we held our first event. It was so exciting after weeks of preparation and organizing. 

Given the current situation and everyone being stuck home for a very long time, it was great to just spend time together. The day before the event and the whole morning, we prepared the food and gathering necessities. As a team we shared responsibility and helped each other out. When we arrived at the location we were really happy, since we’ve only seen it in pictures. 

We set up the sandwich bar, and put the drinks in the fridge and people started arriving. Since it was all you can drink, everyone just went to the fridge and grabbed a drink, which really gave it the Homeparty feels.

Very quickly people started conversations and enjoying themselves, which made us really happy. It was great seeing such a great variety of nationalities and kinds of people. 

It didn’t take much time until people started dancing and enjoying themselves. The room was filled with interesting conversation, all kinds of different languages and laughter.

Since we had to leave the venue tidy and clean we had to ask the participants to leave, but even after the Homeparty people gathered and spend more time together.

We had people from more than 10 different countries attending and several languages were spoken that evening.

This event being our first one and seeing people connect made us really happy. We are motiviated for the next events and can’t wait to create more spaces for you guys to meet.

Thanks to everyone for making this a memorable event!

See you at the next one!